Teaching Materials

Teaching about Human Rights

The teaching materials provided below have been designed to be integrated into existing curricula frameworks or as a supplement to educational opportunities. The materials include a selection of approaches to enable students to explore human rights as a class, in groups or individually.
Teachers are encouraged to adopt complementary resources for the lessons such as posters, literature, poetry, music and games to promote classroom discussion.Teachers can use some of the extension activities for students that are aimed at promoting active citizenship in school and in the wider community such as writing letters, doing displays of work in local libraries, or designing projects that encourage respect for human rights.

“Government should advance a human rights culture – education is vital to the success of this goal.” – Hon Christopher Pyne
Hon. Christopher Pyne

Hon. Christopher Pyne, Shadow Minister of Education at IHRE Conference in Sydney

See Mr Pyne’s speech on “What Government ¬†should do to advance a Human Right culture”



“I am currently working with the Education Minister Julia Gillard, to ensure that human rights education is promoted in Australia. And to that end, ensure it forms part of the civics and citizenship curriculum for students of all age groups in each State and Territory.”
Attorney General, The Hon Robert McClelland MP, 11 November 2010
Attorney General, The Hon. Robert MccCelland MP 11 November 2010

Attorney General, The Hon. Robert MccCelland MP 11 November 2010